Plastic surgeon

Jiří Borský, M.D.

„Despite a large number of interventions made every year, my sole objective I am also able to attain is the maximum satisfaction of operated patients.“

Years of experience and highly satisfied patients. This is the excellent score of Jiří Borský, who is dedicated to the entire range of plastic surgery procedures. For over 12 years, he has been encouraging children's smile by correcting facial clefts. At the Esthé Clinic, he helps women recover and emphasize their beauty.

He has performed hundreds of interventions from drooping eyelid surgery, all the way through rhinoplasty, otoplasty and breast augmentation to classic liposuction.


Jiří Borský graduated from the Faculty of General Medicine, Charles University in Prague. Initially, he completed his certification in first and second level surgery and, in 1994, in plastic surgery. From 1995 he has been helping children by performing facial cleft surgery and correcting developmental defects.

  • Plastic surgeon, Esthé Clinic in Prague
  • Plastic surgeon, Department of Plastic Surgery, University Hospital Královské Vinohrady
  • Plastic surgeon, Department of Paediatric Stomatology, University Hospital in Motol, Prague
  • Plastic surgeon, Department of Paediatric Traumatology, Thomayer University Hospital

Membership in societies

  • Member of the Czech Medical Society within the Czech Medical Association of Jan Evangelista Purkyně (hereinafter as ČLS JEP)
  • Member of the Society of Plastic Surgery ČSL JEP
  • Member of the Society of Aesthetic Surgery ČSL JEP
  • Member of the Czech Hand Surgery Society ČLS JEP

Publications on plastic surgery

  • Jiří Borský is the author or co-author of a number of specialized articles and publications.

Have a look at a concise selection of media that have asked Jiří Borský for an interview focused not only on drooping eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty.

These are the office hours of Jiří Borský at the Esthé plastic surgery clinic in Prague.

Thursday16:30 - 17:15
Thursday17:00 - 17:30
Jiří Borský, M.D.


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