The Esthé clinic was established as part of the Kolowrat buildings following the lasting friendship of Count Tomáš Kolowrat-Krakovský and Associate Professor Jan Měšťák, M.D., the clinic’s chief surgeon. It is situated at a unique location in the city centre of Prague, in the Na Příkopě street, accessible for all clients from Prague as well as from distant surroundings. Following the investments provided by Count Kolowrat, the Clinic was ceremonially opened in December 1997 after a one year’s construction.

Under the professional leadership of Associate Professor Jan Měšťák, M.D., this private medical institute provides specialized services in plastic surgery, laser surgery, corrective dermatology and in other medical fields. The team of experienced surgeons has been working together for over 20 years, as the clinic was one of the first private medical establishments in the Czech Republic. This results in an unrivalled interest of clients in consultations, as well as in tens of thousands of operated patients.

The co-owner and partner of Dr Měšťák, Hana Raková, M.D., has also significantly contributed to the clinic’s reputation. She manages the clinic’s department of laser therapy and corrective dermatology, equipped with leading edge laser technologies from 2001.

Significant dates in Esthé’s history

  • 1997 – The Esthé plastic surgery clinic is opened
  • 2008 – Esthé is divided into aesthetic surgery and corrective dermatology divisions
  • 2009 - New co-owners Libor Kment, M.D. and Karel Urban, M.D., strengthening of market position
  • 2009 – Working together with the Beauty of Help foundation of the Czech Miss Taťána Kuchařová starts
  • 2012 – Working together with Tereza Maxová starts
  • 2013 – New company co-owner and team member Ondřej Měšťák, M.D., Ph.D.
  • 2013 – Working together with the Let’s Give Children a Chance foundation starts, Associate Professor Jan Měšťák, M.D. becomes the project’s patron, the clinic supports children from children’s homes in their studies
  • Till 2014 – Partnership with the Czech Miss scheme

In 2008, the Esthé clinic was divided into two joint stock companies, one of which is focused on aesthetic surgery, while the second one provides corrective dermatology and laser therapy. The clinic is staffed with top professionals guaranteeing a high quality of services.

Great emphasis is also laid on the team of qualified and highly professional nurses, which is, together with the superior environment and conditions at the clinic, a warranty of a smooth postoperative recovery.

The clinic also includes a superaseptic operating room and a smaller operating room for treatment under local anaesthesia. The patients rest in single and double rooms equipped with TV, telephone and bathroom having a total capacity of 15 beds. The image of one of the most prestigious private medical institutes in the country is underlined by unique technologies such as ultrasonic liposuction used by the Esthé’s certified specialists from 1998, which is also why they can be proud of the highest number of procedures performed using this method. Other progressive technologies include power-assisted liposuction, endoscopic operating techniques and the laser programme using leading edge instruments.

Only the best ones work for Esthé

The excellent reputation of the private clinic is also due to the fact that its chief surgeon Associate Professor Jan Měšťák, M.D. is the Head of the Clinic of Plastic Surgery at the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, and at the Hospital Na Bulovce. He is also the Head of the Plastic Surgery Division at the Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and leads the Centre for Comprehensive Surgical Treatment for Women with Breast Cancer, of which he is also the founder, and which is the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic.

Also other specialist of the Esthé clinic are prominent experts and leaders of progress in plastic surgery. The clinic can be proud of a number of supremacies. For instance, the first breast reconstruction following ablation using adipose tissue enriched with stem cells was performed here by Ondřej Měšťák, M.D., Ph.D. The student of the renowned plastic surgeon Bohdan Pomahač and the first Czech holder of the Best Paper Award for his publishing activities was also active as volunteer in the Syrian civil war, helping the refugees.

The clinic is the workplace of one of the best specialists in breast plastic surgery. Libor Kment, M.D. has helped hundreds of women afflicted with breast cancer. Karel Urban, M.D. has performed over 250 breast reconstructions in women following mastectomy. Michal Otáhal, M.D. is in charge of making sure that all the interventions are performed smoothly and that the patients experience an agreeable recovery of conscience even after demanding interventions, being able to foresee all potential complications and avoid them in good time.

Other excellent specialists currently active at our clinic include the breast specialist Soňa Měšťáková, M.D., the anaesthetist Pavel Vokálek, M.D., and the radiodiagnosis specialist Radka Janitorová, M.D.

The clinic is the workplace of the plastic surgeon Veronika Hromádková, M.D. Her main mission at the Esthé Clinic is a surgical removing skin protuberances. Her focus is mainly aesthetic medicine of mini-invasive surgery and injection procedures. The surgeon is a holder of certificate in filler materials and techniques.