When to undergo breast reconstruction after cancerous disease

Plastic surgery is not intended only for women wishing to be more beautiful. In certain cases, it is even necessary for restoring patient’s normal course of life. For some women, breast reconstruction after a cancerous disease may have a similar importance as the removal of the tumour itself. It helps them mentally cope with the disease they have just overcome and makes their return to everyday life easier.

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How breast reconstruction is performed and how long it takes?

Methods of breast reconstruction following a cancerous disease can be divided into immediate and delayed interventions. An immediate intervention is performed simultaneously to the removal of mammary gland, therefore the plastic surgeon works together with the general surgeon. The patient thus avoids the mental consequences of the loss of her breast. An immediate reconstruction is appropriate particularly during a preventive removal of a mammary gland causing health risks. If the patient already suffers from a cancerous disease, she usually needs to undergo a delayed intervention in 12 to 24 months from mastectomy.

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critical information before the surgery:

Recovery after breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is a demanding procedure that does not always evolve in the same way. The time required for convalescence depends for example on whether an immediate or delayed reconstruction was performed. With an immediate reconstruction, the patient’s body must cope with the mastectomy itself at the same time.

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preoperative evaluation and instruction

Here, you will find all of the preoperative evaluation and instruction prior your operation.

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