When to undergo breast modelling with augmentation

Every woman wants to have beautifully shaped breasts. However, the shape of breasts can gradually change during the course of life. Whether such changes are associated with childbirth and breast feeding, or a significant reduction of weight, women with sagging breasts usually feel less attractive. They often suffer an inferiority complex, and even the sexual relationship with their partner can be affected. In such situations, the solution can be provided by breast modelling. The same applies to breast size. A smaller breast volume can be either congenital or brought about by childbirths. Together with reshaping, the required volume of breasts can be achieved using silicon implants.

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How breast modelling with augmentation is performed and how long it takes?

Breast modelling is based on shifting the areolas, which are located too low, to their normal position, and on a reduction of superfluous skin around and beneath the areola. In that way, the breasts rise and obtain a full and perfect shape. The breast volumes are modified by inserting silicon implants either into the space under the mammary gland or beneath the breast muscle. Breast modelling with augmentation is a frequently required intervention at our clinic, as patients have a guarantee of an excellent result.

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critical information before the surgery:

Recovery after breast modelling with augmentation

The post-surgery recovery usually involves no complications and is not difficult. With implants inserted under the mammary gland, the course of convalescence is similar to pure breast modelling and is not very exacting. With implants introduced beneath the breast muscle, the post-surgery condition may involve more pain and the convalescence is somewhat longer.

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preoperative evaluation and instruction

Here, you will find all of the preoperative evaluation and instruction prior your operation.

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which breast implant types we provide?

You have no reason to worry, we only use implants of renowned brands:

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