When to undergo correction of inverted nipples

The breasts are a symbol of femininity, that is why their appearance has a considerable importance for every woman. Breast augmentation or modelling are the most common plastic surgery procedures undergone by a number of women in order to make their breasts more beautiful. However, also less frequent types of treatment exist, which are no less important, such as a correction of inverted nipples.

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How correction of inverted nipples is performed and how long it takes?

To a woman suffering with inverted nipples, the physician can suggest one of conservative methods of treatment. They include a variety of non-surgery techniques such as massages, nipple formers or nipple contact shields. However, these procedures are usually rather unsuccessful, and eventually, surgery often becomes necessary.

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critical information before the surgery:

Recovery after correction of inverted nipples

A correction of inverted nipples does not cause an excessive strain to the patient’s body. Local anaesthesia is sufficient to perform the intervention, which is also possible without hospitalization. The post-surgery care consists merely in several bandages and possible sutures are removed in eight to ten days after the surgery. A method without incisions and sutures is similar to piercing and the post-surgery care is therefore similar, too.

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preoperative evaluation and instruction

Here, you will find all of the preoperative evaluation and instruction prior your operation.

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